Sports Direct International, the largest sporting goods retailer in the U.K., announced the takeover of some of the stores, assets and brands of Republic, one of the major young fashion retailers in the U.K., from its judicial administrators. Included in the takeover package are 114 out of the 121 Republic stores, substantially all the inventories, the website and the company's own brands, including SoulCal, Fabric and Crafted. Republic is one of the latest casualties in the British retail sector after the collapse of Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster since last Christmas. Texas Pacific Group had bought Republic for £300 million (€347 million) in 2010. TPG, Republic's founders and Andy Bond, chairman of Republic and former chief executive of Asda, injected extra funds into the company last November to keep it alive, but they decided earlier this month to place it in administration, a British form of bankruptcy.