The SportScheck City Runs will have a name change as part of a format revamp. Now known as SportScheck Run 2018, the running series has also found a new partner in the shape of Under Armour, who will be the official outfitter for the events. Under the motto of “Runner's First,” Under Armour and SportScheck want to offer more service, advice and support for runners participating in the 17 races planned for this year, down from 20 in 2017. Under Armour will supply the running shirts and provide intensive care for each run. The participants will be able to direct questions to local groups of seasoned athletes, called Under Amour Running Societies, on training, motivation, and equipment. They will be able to test-run products on-site at Under Armour community events. Since its creation in 1979, the SportScheck series has developed into one of the largest running events in Germany, with more than 120,000 annual participants. This year, the SportScheck Run series will start of May 25 with the night race in Bremen and end on Oct. 14 in Freiburg.