Wilson Sporting Goods has come up with the Wilson Glide, which it describes as the first tennis shoe designed to support players whose game involves sliding on hard court surfaces. The racquet and team sports brand owned by the Amer Sports Group claims that the technology allows these players to recover 30 percent faster for the next ball, and to cover more court in fewer steps. As Wilson pointed out, sliding is an increasingly popular technique among competitive tennis players, and particularly the younger players. They slide to be faster and more agile, in a game that is itself becoming increasingly fast and powerful. The company found that current performance shoes were not designed to protect the athlete and accentuate the sliding movement. The Wilson Glide was developed by Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson. It took about four years for footwear engineers, materials experts and designers to come up with a shoe that allows players to precisely control forward and lateral slides on hard court surfaces. Wilson encourages players to talk with their coaches about sliding and the proper techniques to slide safely and effectively on hard court surfaces.