After distributing the Crossboccia brand since 2009, MTS Sportartikel has taken over the global rights to the brand. Building on the basic idea of the old street games of boccia and boules, Crossboccia is played with soft balls made of robust fabric and filled with granules. Both companies are German. Founded in 1992, MTS Sportartikel Vertriebs is involved in racquet sports with its three brands of its own: Donic-Schildkröt for table tennis, Talbot-Torro for badminton and Unsquashable for squash). It also uses the Schildkröt brand for fun wheels and fitness, and sell backpacks under the Wheel Bee label. The family-owned group has a sourcing and development department in Hong Kong, which is also responsible for the distribution of Schildkröt and Talbot-Torro products outside Europe.