Frasers Group, which owns Sports Direct International and many other assets, has launched a new share buyback program, limiting the maximum aggregate purchase price at £60 million (€69m-$83m) for a total of up to ten million shares. It started on May 4 with the acquisition of 3,189 shares at an average unit price of £535.01 (€621.8-$750.1), and it has continued since with larger purchases on the stock market at generally higher price levels. After growing more or less steadily over the past 12 months, the share price thus reached a 52-week high of £594.46 (€690.6-$833.4) on May 10. As of May 13, the program had raised the number of the company’s treasury shares by 433,371 to a total of 121,693,544. The number of issued shares trading on the London Stock Exchange has declined to 518,908,825.