Sportmaster, the leading sporting goods retailer in Russia, has opened a large new store of 5,000 square meters based on its Sportmaster PRO format– a concept focused on attracting professional athletes – in the Metropolis shopping center in downtown Moscow.

It is the 14th store operating under the Sportmaster PRO banner, but only the second one that fully meets the concept’s requirements, said Irina Ismailova, marketing communications director of Sportmaster. The company plans to expand the development program in the foreseeable future, launching new stores in this format in Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar and Tomsk.

Compared with conventional stores, the new format’s distinctive features are a wider product range, highly expert sales assistants and specialist services. For example, Sportmaster PRO offers athletes to prepare their gear for competitions. The list of services includes boot fitting, the application of paraffin and logos on equipment, repairs, edge sharpening, gait analysis, the selection of individual insoles, and so on.

All sales assistants passed special training to deepen their knowledge of sports activities and sports products. They must have experience in specific sports to work in Sportmaster PRO stores.