Nike is apparently streamlining its operations in Germany, and perhaps in other European countries as well. While stressing that the company is not closing its office in Berlin, a Nike spokesman declined to directly confirm a report in Wirtschaftswoche that it is abolishing the role of country manager in Germany, currently held by Ralf Fässler, and transferring certain functions to its European office in the Netherlands. “We are building a flatter, nimbler company and more quickly transforming Nike to define the marketplace of the future; shifting resources and creating capacity to reinvest in our highest potential growth areas,” he said in a statement, referring to the work that Nike started last summer to simplify the organization. Among other moves, it announced last June the appointment of Carl Grebert as vice president and general manager for EMEA, replacing Bert Hoyt. “While we are not providing numbers, the changes are expected to lead to a net loss of jobs, which is always difficult. This process and related timeframe will vary in certain markets based on local labour laws, works councils and consultations,” the spokesman added. Again reportedly, the reorganization in terms of product categories and management has already led to the departure of around 700 managers in the U.S. alone, and some of them have found new jobs at other companies. After moving its German office from Darmstadt to Frankfurt, Nike moved it again to Berlin in 2018, combining its operations with others that it had in the city. Dun & Bradstreet said most recently that Nike had 280 employees at the new site. Reportedly, it only has about 200 now.