Mont.Black, the British alpine equipment start-up based in Leeds, has unveiled the ATP-01, an alpine pole that can be instantly adjusted at the press of a handle-mounted button. This enables the user to change the length quickly and easily without stopping to fiddle with clasps. Traditional adjustable poles typically take too long to adjust and are often cumbersome, the company stressed. The new ATP-10 is the result of four years of research and development in which Mont.Black combined its background in mechanical engineering with its passion for outdoor sports, the company said. The smaller internal parts in the ATP-01 are made using industrial-scale metal 3D printing. The ATP-10 can reach a maximum length of 140cm and exists in black and white colorways. The new ATP-01 was unveiled via Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform specializing in tech and innovative products. Mont.Black expects to finish shipping the ATP-01 out to its backers by the end of December this year. The company says on its website that it has at least five more unique innovations in the pipeline for the coming years.