Nike has presented a new video, “The Toughest Athletes,” which highlights the strength of women during pregnancy and early motherhood. The video focuses on the correlation of sport and motherhood and shows how the two can successfully coexist with one another. “The Toughest Athletes,” filmed during the global pandemic, has been compiled from more than 22 hours of footage, shot by the mothers featured in the film and their friends and families and then sent via Zoom, for health and safety reasons. The video features images of more than 20 mothers across various stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys, including sports champions – like Serena Williams, Alex Morgan and other Nike female athletes – as well as everyday female athletes. Representations come from the U.S., U.K., Australia, France and more, and help illustrate “how motherhood is an ultramarathon,” says Nike. The film coincides with Nike’s first dedicated maternity collection, Nike (M), available in Europe, North America and Africa. The collection will be released in select Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets beginning in late 2021. Alongside the collection, Nike has partnered with Jane Wake, a pre-and post-natal exercise expert, to create four audio guided workouts specifically for motherhood in the Nike Run Club app.