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    Alpkit recycles wetsuits with Circular Flow


    After 7 years of manufacturing wetsuits, British outdoor and cycling brand and retailer Alpkit has partnered with Circular Flow to recycle old wetsuits into new, reused products. As open-water swimming booms and consumers spend more money on outdoor sports, more neoprene ends up in the trash each year. 20,000 more ...

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    Remondis and H&M launch joint venture to close the textile loop


    The Remondis group, a service provider for recycling, water management and alternative fuels, and H&M have founded a new company, owned 50 percent each by the two partners. The new standalone venture Looper Textile Co. intends to collect, sort and sell used and unwanted garments and textiles. According to H&M, ...

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    Courir is testing a recycling service in France


    Courir, the international French-based athletic footwear chain, is testing a recycling service at three of its stores in France. Customers can return their used sneakers to the three Courir shops in Paris-Rivoli, Annecy and Grenoble. More stores are expected to launch this service by the end of January, Sport Guide ...

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    Decathlon integrates Resortecs disassembly technologies and launches ski jacket designed for recycling


    Resortecs, the textile technology company, has announced that Decathlon is launching the first ski jacket to incorporate its Smart Stitch thread, in the retailer’s winter sport’s brand, Wedze. Resortecs has received a €2.5 million grant from the E.U. to accelerate the go-to-market of its heat-dissolvable and purportedly fully recyclable sewing ...

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    Rossignol to donate refurbished skis


    From now through to April 30, 2023, Rossignol will be running a charitable drive called “One for One,” in which it pledges to donate one pair of reconditioned skis to charitable organizations and amateur sports federations in developing countries for every new pair purchased online. The company says that every ...

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    Havaianas expands its flip flop ReCycle program in Asia


    Havaianas has pledged to collect 10 percent of the total sold flip flops sold in its APAC locations by 2030, according to Inside Retail Asia Edition. Following on from its successful ReCycle initiative in Australia, launched in October 2021, Havaianas Asia Pacific is extending the initiative across APAC locations. In-store ...

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    Nike launches shoe recycling program on Alipay


    Nike Greater China has joined Ant Group’s Green Energy Initiative and launched an official mini-program on Alipay to encourage more Chinese consumers to recycle worn-out shoes. Consumers can search for the “Recycle-A-Shoe” mini-program on the Alipay app and have their old Nike shoes picked up. The shoes are then disassembled ...

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    ​Dakine introduces its first recyclable technical outerwear kit


    Source: W’s Sender Stretch jacket Dakine has launched the Sender Stretch 3L Series jacket and pants, a technical and durable winter outerwear kit that can be recycled. The Sender, available for men and women, is “thoughtfully built with durability and longevity in mind, withstanding multiple 100-day ...

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    Recycle Your Boots: Tecnica Group’s recycling project aims at closing the loop


    The Tecnica Group is committed to closing the circle of ski boot life cycles: 4,200 ski boots have already been collected, dismantled and recycled into new products in the first year since autumn 2021 of the group’s “Recycle Your Boots” (RYB) project.

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    Rossignol’s recyclable ski composition is now open source


    The Rossignol Group is now sharing the construction and material composition plans for its new Rossignol Essential recyclable ski with all mountain sports industry players to initiate a collective movement. The French company says the goal is to actively contribute to the development of recycling channels in the main ski ...

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    74 percent of post-consumer textile in Europe is recyclable


    A report titled Sorting for Circularity Europe provides key findings for a more circular use of textiles.

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    Vapesol launches soles made from factory waste of nitril gloves


    The Portuguese company Vapesol, which manufactures more than five million pairs of soles yearly (according to its website), has teamed with the nitril glove company Raclac to produce of footwear soles from industrial waste. Raclac claims to be the only manufacturer of nitril examination gloves in Europe. ...

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    Rothy’s and Evian launch tennis capsule made with recycled bottles


    Rothy’s has partnered with Evian, a Danone water brand, on the launch of an exclusive tennis-inspired capsule collection made with repurposed Evian water bottles. Rothy’s and Evian collected approximately 72,000 Evian bottles from the US Open last year in New York and transformed them into a limited-edition capsule collection, using ...

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    McKinsey study on textile waste recycling sees economic potential, points out bottlenecks


    In a new online study, consulting firm McKinsey looked at the current state of textile recycling in Europe – and sees the potential to achieve a significant amount of fiber-to-fiber recycling in Europe by 2030. There are several hurdles to overcome along the way, including textile collection, sorting and pre-processing, ...

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    Carbios signs two-year contract with On, Puma, Salomon, Patagonia for circularity research


    The French biorecycling provider Carbios has signed an agreement with On, Patagonia, Puma and Salomon to develop solutions aiming to enhance the recyclability and circularity of the brands’ products. The consortium wants to speed up the introduction of Carbios’ biorecycling technology and research how entire products can be recycled easier, ...

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    Rossignol wins award for highly recyclable ski


    Rossignol has won Union Sport & Cycle’s Ecosport Award in the circular-economy category for its Essentiel ski. A limited edition due out this autumn, the Essentiel is designed with “recyclable, natural, labeled and biosourced” materials, and few of them at that. The result, says the French brand, is more than ...

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    Salomon completes research on the ecological impact of its Index.01 shoe


    Source: Salomon Index.01 Three years after the market introduction of its recyclable running shoe Index.01, Salomon has presented a study by its footwear team that has researched the shoe’s environmental impact compared to a conventionally manufactured road running shoe. Since 2019, shoes have been returned to Salomon ...

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    Greenpeace: Exports of old clothes are used to dispose of plastic textile waste


    On Earth Day and as part of Fashion Revolution Week, Greenpeace Germany published the results of on-site research revealing the devastating consequences of used clothing exports for the people and the environment in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. The overproduction of the fast fashion industry is ...

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    Rossignol launches first recyclable ski


    Rossignol has unveiled its new Essential ski, which will be available in limited quantities in FW22-23 and has been designed using the most simplistic and least amount of raw materials, making more than 75 percent of the ski 100 percent recyclable. Following the announcement of its Respect program in 2020, ...

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    Puma turns old football jerseys into new ones


    Re:Jersey is the name of Puma’s pilot project for the recycling of football jerseys. The aim is to turn old jerseys into new ones. Manchester City is already scheduled to receive its warm-up jerseys for league matches from the clothing recycling project by the end of April. The main component ...