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    How COVID-19 has impacted the Fitness Market – Insights and Trends 2021


    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sudden halt to the booming fitness market. But not all segments have faltered. Some even have profited from the recent developments. We take a look at the situation before Corona hit, the changes it caused, and the trends that will follow in 2021.

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    Technogym targets €1 billion in sales in the medium term


    Technogym ’s CEO, Nerio Alessandri , said that the company could reach the milestone of €1 billion in sales in the medium term, including €300 million from Home Fitness. Alessandri spoke on the occasion of the launch of Technogym MyRun , a new treadmill for home use. The company’s sales ...

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    Technogym partners with Saudi Arabia’s largest fitness chain


    Technogym has agreed a five-year agreement with Fitness Time , the largest network of sports and fitness clubs in Saudi Arabia, with a staff of over 2,600. The contract makes the Italian fitness company Fitness Time’s exclusive supplier for all its 138 existing clubs and future ones across the ...

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    Technogym launches the 2020 Let’s Move Week


    Technogym has announced the 2020 Let’s Move Week , a week-long campaign to promote physical exercise. The campaign will run both online and offline from Nov. 9 to 15. People can join the campaign from home or anywhere online, or from a fitness club that has joined the initiative. ...

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    Technogym wants home fitness to generate half of €1 bn in sales


    In reporting a 53 percent increase to €98 million in its home fitness segment for the first nine months of this year, Technogym said that its board of directors has approved a new three-year business plan, called Technogym At-Home , that calls for a doubling in the segment’s revenues ...

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    Technogym prioritizes DTC and home fitness


    The big Italian-based fitness equipment supplier is shifting its focus from the gyms to the consumer after booking a 50 percent sales increase in its relatively small Home Consumer segment for the first half of this year, as more and more people performed their workouts at home rather ...

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    Technogym introduces new on-demand content platform


    Technogym , the Italian specialist in fitness equipment, has announced the launch of a new on-demand content platform that offers a personalized training experience. The platform is accessible live and on-demand, on Technogym’s equipment consoles and through the company’s Mywellness app . Alongside Technogym’s content library, users will be ...

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    Technogym supports fitness clubs’ re-opening


    Technogym ’s Mywellness platform will be offering additional features to assist fitness clubs in their re-opening phase. During the lockdown, fitness facilities were able to connect with their members via the Mywellness platform, which allowed them to offer digital coaching and remote support services. Members of the Mywellness community ...

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    Coronavirus slows Technogym’s sales, but home fitness rockets


    Lockdowns and store closures hit Technogym ’s sales in the first quarter, although this was partly offset by higher sales of home fitness equipment, as more people exercised indoors. The Italian company’s total revenues dropped by 11.2 percent from the year-ago quarter to €116.8 million, or by 11.9 percent in ...