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    Icon sues Peloton once more


    Icon Health Fitness has filed its fourth suit against Peloton Interactive in the U.S. federal court in Delaware, where two other suits filed last year are still pending. This time, Icon is attacking the Auto Follow feature of Peloton’s new Bike+ model, which automatically ...

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    Patent office finds Timberland’s iconic boot design too generic


    The U.S. Patent Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board denied a bid by VF Corp. to register the design of Timberland ’s iconic Yellow Boot , concluding that it lacks sufficient acquired distinctiveness. The board noted that there was no evidence that competitors were trying to intentionally copy the ...

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    U.S. boycott of Beijing Olympics still up in the air


    It remains unclear whether the U.S. will boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, either alone or in a coalition with other countries. Last month the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken , outlined the reasons, saying: “China uses coercion and aggression to systematically erode autonomy in Hong Kong, ...

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    Former Nike manager pleads guilty in $1.5m fraud case


    A former marketing executive of Nike in charge of temporary retail venues until 2018, Errol Andam , admitted at a U.S. Attorney General office that he had made false statements and committed wire fraud and money laundering through various schemes that defrauded the company of $1.49 million, according to ...

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    South and North Korea submit joint Korean bid for 2032 Olympics


    Seoul’s metropolitan government has notified the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) of its bid to co-host the 2032 Summer Olympics with Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. According to a report by Yonhap , South Korea’s news agency, Seoul’s metropolitan government said on April 1st that a ...

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    Nike obtains a ban on Satan sneakers


    Supporting Nike ’s position in the case , a federal district judge in Brooklyn moved quickly to issue a temporary restraining order against the MSCHF Design Studio , forbidding it from fulfilling any orders for the modified “ Satan Shoes ” version of its Air Max 97 . The defendants ...

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    Peloton wins fees in a sordid patent case


    A U.S. court has awarded $4,299,163 to Peloton Interactive to cover attorneys’ fees and other expenses it incurred in a sordid patent infringement suit brought in 2016 by VR Optics . The whole thing started when Peloton hired the Villency Design Group (VDG) in 2012 to design its ...

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    +++ The city of Madrid will apply to be named as World Capital of Sport in 2022, a recognition by the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation (ACES) , after the plenary session of the City Council unanimously approved the proposal from sports delegate Sofía Miranda ...

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    Selling shoes becomes an essential service in Bavaria


    The ANWR Group , which is also the parent company of Sport 2000 in Germany and three other countries, has obtained a court verdict in Bavaria that allows its own 19 Schuh Mücke shoe shops to open their doors in the state as of April 1, despite a ...

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    Nike sues over a satanic Air Max


    Nike is sueing a Brooklyn company, the MSCHF Product Studio , which has sold a lot of 666 pairs of altered Air Max 97 shoes with satanic-themed detailing, embroidery and a drop of human blood on the insole. MSCHF collaborated with a rapper, Lil Nas X on ...

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    Statements on forced labor stoke short-lived ire in China


    The boycott in China of Nike , Adidas and other Western brands over their stance against alleged human rights violations in the cotton-manufacturing province of Xinjiang is losing momentum, at least in the sports sector, according to an article in the South China Morning Post . Both Nike and ...

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    Sport England promotes the return to sports


    Sport England has hired Cake , the sports marketing arm of the Havas advertising and PR agency. The public body – established by Royal Charter in 1996 to “give everyone in England the chance to benefit from sport and physical activity” – has for its immediate priority the ...

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    BSI calls for a revised German Supply Chain Act


    In a public statement, the German Sporting Goods Industry Association (BSI) has criticized a German government bill that would force German companies with more than 1,000 people to comply with human rights in their supply chain. It targets the textile, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries and is ...

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    Europe’s patchwork of Corona regulations for retailers


    Daily changes to local Corona safety regulations for retail stores make it difficult to stay on top of things as the pandemic situation heats up again in most European countries. Here is an overview (as of March 25, subject to change and with regional variations) of the status of so-called ...

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    EuroSIMA strikes a strategic alliance with USC


    The European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (EuroSIMA) and the French sporting goods industry association, Union Sport Cycle (USC) , have decided to join forces to give their combined 2,200 member companies more services, more leverage and a stronger voice with public authorities to deal with the current Covid-19 ...

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    EU allows French skilift operators to be subsidized


    The European Commission has officially authorized the French government to provide subsidies to the operators of skilifts, cable cars and other ski facilities in the ski resorts all over France, which have been locked down throughout the snow sports season to help minimize coronavirus contamination. The French government had pledged ...

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    Munich court opens case against 21sportsgroup’s CEO


    Judicial authorities in Munich are reportedly carrying out an investigation for fraud against Georg Kofler , a German entrepreneur who was appointed CEO of 21sportsgroup after acquiring a stake of 40 percent in the German multi-channel sports retailer along with other media investors in mid-2018. Kofler is said to ...

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    Myanmar violence raises concern in the industry


    Many sports and fashion brands that have shifted part of their sourcing for apparel and footwear to Myanmar because of its lower labor costs are watching with awe the consequences of the recent military coup in the country. According to observers, it may be difficult for some of them to ...

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    The IOC approves Olympic Agenda 2020+5


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session on March 12 unanimously approved Olympic Agenda 2020+5 , the new strategic roadmap for the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Organization through to 2025. Building on the achievements of Olympic Agenda 2020, the new roadmap identifies five key trends: solidarity, digitalization, sustainability, ...

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    Golf courses and outdoor sports facilities are re-opening in the U.K.


    The Welsh government has announced that golf courses and outdoor sports facilities are allowed to reopen from March 13 following the latest easing of lockdown measures in Wales. Outdoor sports facilities – including outdoor gyms, tennis courts and basketball courts – will be allowed to welcome visitors back as of ...