Sport 2000 has launched a new website,, as a content platform to jointly promote the products offered in the sneaker stores affiliated with the German buying group. The platform is designed as a pure content platform, not as a web store. For example, product news, campaigns and interviews, a release calendar and other information about brands and stores will be placed there. The focus is not only on limited editions for sneaker fans, but also on products that are actually in stock in the stores.

More than three years ago, Sport 2000 Germany launched the idea of a premium group of independent retailers, called Sneaker Force. They continue to operate individually, without the Sport 2000 logo. By joining forces, the stores hope to gain more clout with suppliers.

The project was developed in close cooperation with Alex Imiela, the former owner of a sneaker store in Cologne, ”The Good Will Out.” Imiela, who owns the domain, would like to build up a community of sneaker enthusiasts like him.

The Sport 2000 operations in Germany, the Benelux countries and Switzerland belong to the ANWR Group, the largest buying group for independent shoe retailers in Europe, which also owns Garant Schuh and Rexor.

Despite the challenging market conditions, ANWR expanded its business volume to €17.8 billion last year, up by 22 percent from the previous year, thanks to the strength of its activities in the area of financial services.

Centralized settlements in behalf of its retail cooperatives fell by 12 percent to €2.6 billion. The shoe business suffered a 20 percent fall in centralized settlements, while leathergoods were down by 36 percent. Offsetting these losses in part, the sports business represented by Sport 2000 grew by 2 percent, benefitting from the addition of large specialist retailers in Germany and Switzerland. More on this soon.