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    Head to sponsor Spain’s Warriors Tour


    Head has become the exclusive technical partner of the Spanish Warriors Tour for the next three years. The tournament, which is backed by Spain’s Royal Tennis Federation (RFET) , has seen the participation of young players under the age of 15 for the past 15 years. The 2021 ...

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    DBK: Sporting goods consumption fell by 18.3% in Spain last year


    According to a report from the Observatorio Sectorial DBK – part of the “smart data company” Informa , a subsidiary of CESCE – the pandemic’s boost to home fitness has limited by 18.3 percent last year’s drop in sporting goods retail sales in Spain. The drop, which was ...

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    The Spanish Sports Retail Market


    This interactive chart shows the largest spanish sports retailers by revenue, total market size 2019, market shares and revenue development vs the previous year. This chart can be downloaded as JPG, PNG or PDF.

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    A collective e-commerce platform for Spanish buying groups


    Many Spanish independent sports retailers do their purchasing through a variety of buying groups. Diffusion Sport reports that Spain’s National Association of Buying Groups and Organized Commerce (Anceco) has brought to fruition a two-decade-old idea to gather SMEs with similar profiles into a collaborative scheme to enable ...

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    Spanish campaign promotes sport as a study projects fewer jobs and higher healthcare costs


    An association called España se Mueve – along with the High Sports Council, the autonomous community of Madrid and the Madrid city hall – has launched a campaign to help the Spanish sports sector weather the Covid-19 storm and promote sport among the populace for the sake of public ...

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    Deporvillage sees a run on indoor cycling


    Like many other retailers of sporting goods, Spain’s Deporvillage has experienced a run on fitness items with the onset of new Covid-19 lockdowns and a good autumn/winter season. Stationary bikes have been difficult enough to keep in stock, but never in its decade-long history has the e-tailer seen such ...

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    Covid boosted online sales of sports goods in Spain


    A survey that IAB Spain and Elogia conducted online in June of this year suggests that 15 percent of Spanish e-commerce consumers, aged 16 to 70, purchased sporting goods during the coronavirus quarantines. Streaming services also drew 15 percent. The product of choice, however, was food (48%), followed ...

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    NPD measures the impact of Covid-19 in Europe and China


    The NPD Group estimates that there was a drop of around 24 percent in sales of sports shoes during the first half of 2020 in Germany, France, Italy and Spain – the four European countries where it uses a retail panel of multi-sport specialty stores, combined with sell-out data ...

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    JD boosts its Iberian store count


    According to CMDsport , JD Sports has managed to open three new stores on the Iberian Peninsula – in or around Malaga, Ceuta and Oporto – amid all the re-openings of the post-pandemic. The highlight of the British retail chain’s new stores was the one that opened on June ...

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    Madrid to cover half the cost of a bicycle


    To relieve its public transport and roads – and prepare for a post-Covid-19 world – the autonomous community of Madrid is offering to cover half the cost of a scooter, bicycle, moped or electric motorcycle for its inhabitants. Bicycles may cost up to €500, mopeds up to €600 and motorcycles ...

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    Spain permits large stores to open in “Phase 1” regions


    Decathlon has reopened its 24 small Decathlon City stores in Spain in two stages, while offering click collect at 74 of its larger stores in the country. Spain’s Ministry of Health has revised its initial guidelines for stores re-openings in Phase 1 regions. By the estimate ...

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    Catalonia prepares plan to reintroduce sports


    Spain has been one of the European countries that has been most affected by the novel coronavirus. Gerard Figueras , secretary general of sports and physical activity for the autonomous region of Catalonia, has told CMDsport that its government hopes to lift the Covid-19 quarantine of children on ...

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    Spanish retailers petition the government for rent relief


    CMDsport reports that seven trade organizations – the Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC) ; the Spanish Association of Buying Groups (Anceco) ; the retail, service and restaurant associations Amicca , Comertia , Acotex and Eurelia ; and the Spanish Federation of Home Appliance Merchants (Fece) – have ...

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    Spaniards project a recovery in March 2021


    According to a recent survey of 1,187 Spanish industry professionals conducted by CMDsport , the general sense in the national sporting goods industry is that the market will return to its pre-crisis level sometime between September 2020 and March 2021. But uncertainty reigns. The projections listed in the questionnaire ran ...

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    Half of Spain’s snow sports retailers are gone, but...


    There is some general good news for Spain’s ski sector. Thanks to this past Christmas, the 2019/20 ski season is off to a strong start. The main ski lodges in Spain and Andorra have seen skiers’ numbers increase. The Aramón group had its second-best start ever, with 325,000 skiers, ...

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    A Spanish tax probe against Nike


    Spain’s Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) has filed a request against Nike’s subsidiary for the Iberian Peninsula, American Nike, for failure to pay certain corporate and sales taxes. American Nike could owe up to €14.6 million to the Spanish government, most of it for transfer pricing – that is, sales and ...