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    Zalando lifts FY guidance after sales jump by 47%


    Zalando once again hiked its sales and profit forecasts for 2021 after its revenues jumped in the first quarter by 46.8 percent to €2,238 million, marking the company’s strongest growth since it went public in 2014. To keep up with the pace of expected future growth, the fashion-oriented ...

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    Zalando expands its loyalty program with early access


    Zalando is adding what it calls “assortment-related benefits” to its loyalty program, Zalando Plus . The first is Plus Early Access, which, as the name suggests, provides program members – initially in Germany – with early access to new products. And the first product being offered under the new ...

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    Zalando's pre-owned service now reaches 13 countries


    On April 22, Zalando extended its service selling second-hand garments to seven additional European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy and Sweden. In October 2020, Zalando launched the “pre-owned” platform in six countries: Germany, Spain, Poland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Torben Hansen , vice ...

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    Zalando’s GMV jumped by over 50% in Q1


    Zalando indicates that its first-quarter results will be higher than projected by financial analysts thanks to a relatively strong start to the spring/summer season and a relatively low return rate. Based on preliminary data, the gross merchandise volume (GMV) went up by between 54.5 and 56.5 percent during the ...

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    Zalando lifts sales forecasts, aims for 10% of Europe’s fashion market


    Zalando has lifted its sales and profit forecasts for 2021 after reporting a 23.1 percent rise in revenues to about €7,982 million for the 12 months to Dec. 31, 2020, with increases of 17.2 percent in the German-speaking countries and 28.4 percent in the rest of Europe, where they ...

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    Kinnevik’s Zalando shares go to its own shareholders


    Kinnevik , the Swedish investment fund that has been supporting Zalando since 2010, helping it to go public in 2014, has decided to transfer its 21 percent interest in the big German-based e-tailer to its own shareholders, provided they approve the move at Kinnevik’s annual meeting on April 29. ...

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    Record market capitalization for Zalando as it expands in the Nordics


    Zalando ’s Connected Retail program has attracted many retailers in the Nordic countries, where it has been expanding recently its reach among consumers, notably with the creation of a dedicated Swedish website. Without specifying how many of them are sports stores, a spokesperson for the company said it has now ...

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    Zalando hires a “circularity director” away from H&M


    Laura Coppen , who has been a major contributor to H M ’s sustainability efforts for almost five years, is joining Zalando to serve as “circularity director,” charged with implementing a program to promote greater transparency among its partner brands in the area of environmental protection. Her appointment ...

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    One of Zalando’s three CEOs to step down


    Rubin Ritter plans to step down as Zalando ’s joint chief executive, responsible for strategy and communication. He and the company’s supervisory board will be negotiating to dissolve his contract, which was to run until November 2023. Ritter says that he will be spending more time with his expanding ...

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    Zalando adds 1 mln clients during Cyber Week


    Zalando acquired more than one million new customers during the sixth edition of its Cyber Week, surpassing last year’s new customer record. The gross merchandise volume (GMV) grew by about 35 percent over same the period and some 7,500 orders were placed per minute at peak times. The share ...

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    Growing Zalando launches Connected Retail in more countries


    In releasing excellent results for the third quarter, Zalando announced the introduction of its Connected Retail program in Denmark, Finland and Norway on Nov. 1. As it did for a few months after its launch in Germany and the Netherlands, it is waiving all commissions for all partners using the ...

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    Zalando acquires producer of 3D virtual bodies


    Zalando has acquired Fision , the Swiss producer of a body-scanning app and virtual dressing room. The Swiss company’s system creates 3D virtual bodies and clothing models on a platform called meepl . The Berlin-based European e-tailer already uses customer histories on purchases and returns to generate advice on ...

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    Analysis: The 10 major European sports retailers online


    The online retail business in the sporting goods sector has been growing stronger and stronger in recent years, and it has been accelerating during and after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. New business models and start-ups have disrupted classic sales channels. Players with strong roots in technology, data and innovation have been taking an increasing share of the market, profiting from deep consumer insights and trends. But brand awareness, people, careers and leadership are still playing a strong role in the success of any venture, as many of the examined companies stress on their B2B websites.

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    Zalando raises its own expectations


    Zalando is performing better than expected. It is now projecting an adjusted operating profit (Ebit) of between €375 million and €425 million for the full 2020 financial year on an increase in total revenues of between 20 and 22 percent. As usual, the growth will be driven by an ...

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    Zalando launches Brand Homes for more customer engagement


    Zalando has launched a new offer, called Brand Homes , that allows brands to supply high-quality and directly curated content to lead customers to engage with them on its website longer and more frequently, or to discover them for the first time. The service is also meant to enrich ...

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    Zalando hires three SVPs


    Zalando has promoted an executive and hired two more. Andreas Antrup , who has been with the European internet fashion platform since April 2011, is moving to a new post as senior vice president of advertising. Antrup has been leading a five-year-old department called Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS). Andrew ...

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    Zalando benefits from the lockdown as Q2 sales, profits surge


    Zalando ‘s net profit rose to €122.6 million in the second quarter from €45.5 million a year earlier as its client base expanded in terms of final customers as well as participants in its marketplace. The German online fashion retailer now serves 34.1 million active customers across Europe, up by ...

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    Zalando improves its guidance


    Zalando expects the gross merchandise volume (GMV) to rise by 20-25 percent and revenues by 15-20 percent for the full financial year, with the adjusted Ebit reaching €250-300 million, as the German online fashion retailer benefited from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The previous guidance, published on May ...

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    Kinnevik sells shares in improving Zalando


    Kinnevik, which is Zalando ’s biggest shareholder, has sold 10.6 million shares in Zalando to institutional investors, reducing its stake from 26 percent stake to 21.3 percent and taking advantage of a recent increase in the e-tailer’s share price. The announcement came just before Zalando said that it will ...

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    Three more markets for Zalando’s Connect Retail program


    From July, Zalando will be extending its offer to waive commissions on its Connected Retail program to Poland, Sweden and Spain. The initiative, which was originally aimed at supporting brick-and-mortar stores during the coronavirus crisis, was introduced in Germany and the Netherlands on April 1. The offer will run ...