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    Intersport deploys electronic pricing in Greece and some other countries


    The Fourlis Group , one of the master licensees of Intersport , has rolled out an electronic shelf labelling (ESL) solution that allows for instant price changes at some of its stores in Greece and other countries, permitting better price management and saving a lot of time. Based in Greece, ...

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    Munich’s largest shoe store to open in April


    Schmid Schuhe Mode Sport is opening next month the largest shoe store in the Munich area, taking the place of a former Karstadt department store in the Olympia shopping mall. The 9,500-square-meter location will offer regular and sports shoes for the whole family on two floors. Based in ...

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    The Norwegian market grew by over 7% in 2020


    Norway has the highest per capita consumption for sporting goods in Europe, and it grew strongly last year – in spite or because of the coronavirus epidemic – in contrast with an overall sales decline estimated at around 10 percent in the five major European countries. One main reason was ...

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    Intersport’s European online platform progresses


    While admitting that it has been “a painful and costly learning curve,” Intersport International Corp. (IIC) has made “tremendous progress” in developing a common internet platform for some of its national organizations in Europe during the last three years, claimed Steve Evers , IIC’s CEO, in a recent interview. ...

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    Intersport fell by 8% in five markets last year


    I ntersport ’s sales declined by 8 percent to just over €3 billion during the financial year ended last Sept. 30 in the five countries steered by the Intersport Deutschland retail cooperative: Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Double-digit declines in April and May, when stores were ...

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    Updated: Isn’t sports retailing an “essential” category?


    The German government is widely expected to announce an extension of its lockdown for retailers of “non-essential” items as well as fitness studios and restaurants through Feb. 14, according to leading German media. The second German lockdown started on Dec. 16 and was supposed to end on Jan. 11, but ...

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    Intersport retailer makes a fuss over the newly extended German retail lockdown


    After a consultation with the state governments, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Jan. 5 that a nationwide retail lockdown for the sale of non-essential goods will be prolonged until Jan. 31 because of the ongoing high level of contaminations from the Covid-19 virus. It started on Dec. 16 and ...

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    The Spanish Sports Retail Market


    This interactive chart shows the largest spanish sports retailers by revenue, total market size 2019, market shares and revenue development vs the previous year. This chart can be downloaded as JPG, PNG or PDF.

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    The German Sports Retail Market


    This interactive chart shows the largest german sports retailers by revenue, total market size 2019, market shares and revenue development vs the previous year. This chart can be downloaded as JPG, PNG or PDF.

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    Big swings in the European sports retailers’ market shares


    The overall consumption of sporting goods accelerated in Western Europe in 2019, posting increases of 4.0 percent in euros and 3.6 percent in local currencies, according to an annual study by SGI Europe . This can be compared with the increases of 2.7 percent and 1.6 percent, respetively, that we ...

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    Analysis: The 10 major European sports retailers online


    The online retail business in the sporting goods sector has been growing stronger and stronger in recent years, and it has been accelerating during and after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. New business models and start-ups have disrupted classic sales channels. Players with strong roots in technology, data and innovation have been taking an increasing share of the market, profiting from deep consumer insights and trends. But brand awareness, people, careers and leadership are still playing a strong role in the success of any venture, as many of the examined companies stress on their B2B websites.

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    Ranking - The largest e-commerce sports shops in Europe


    This exclusive chart shows the largest e-commerce sports shops in Europe ranked by website visitors. Included are sporting goods retailer and e-tailer. The chart and data can be downloaded. This is exclusive data and analysis for Premium Members.

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    Intersport International elects new chairman, sets new goals


    Held online in a virtual format, the annual general assembly of Intersport International Corp. (IIC) elected today a Canadian industry veteran, Rick White , as its new chairman. The 61-year-old manager, who is known for his operational efficiency, takes the place of the 65-year-old Jussi Mikkola from Finland, ...

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    New management for Kesko’s resilient sports unit


    Sami Kiiski , a 44-year-old manager who left as chief executive of Halti at the end of July after turning the company around, has taken the leadership of Kesko ’s Leisure Trade division, which includes Intersport Finland , the major player in the Finnish sporting goods market. One of ...

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    Intersport’s sales fell by 20% in the first half


    Steve Evers , chief executive of Intersport International Corp. (IIC), tells us that the majority of the national Intersport operations are doing well at this time, with an “excellent” sales development on a same-store basis across Europe after the reopening of the stores. With a drop of ...

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    Intersport’s head of marketing moves to Hervis


    David Tews , marketing director of Intersport Deutschland since 2014, changed companies in June and is now responsible for international marketing at one of the biggest Austrian sports retailers, Hervis Sport . Tews a further addition to the growing management team of the international retail chain. In May, the ...

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    Intersport and Decathlon offer drive-in click & collect


    Both Intersport and Decathlon have set up a form of “drive-in click and collect” service in France, calling it simply “drive.” Customers place their order online and collect the merchandise in the parking lot of their local store, receiving it directly at their car with maximum distancing. Intersport, ...

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    Intersport Germany appoints new chief financial officer


    Intersport Germany appointed Thomas Storck to the position of chief financial officer on April 1. Storck immediately succeeds Hannes Rumer, who had asked for early termination of his contract as of March 31. Before joining Intersport Germany, Storck worked as business analyst for sales and purchasing at ...